Let’s break the silence to our kids on this crisis: COVID-19

Do you have little chatterbox who got hundred of questions on virus? Well, I got one. Sampling of some of her questions follows.

Why is the march break is taking so long? Is my school full of virus? Will virus come to me if I go outside the house? Some what hundreds of questions follow.

Heights of boredom occasionally strives her to throw tantrums for going outside to park/walk or to snack on all junk foods…. meanwhile, myself making her to wash/wipe the hands more often. Restrictions…..restrictions…. Well, nothing much needed to make little kiddos go crazy. Yes, these are scary times with all of the kids not returning to school/daycare anytime soon to avoid spread of virus. To clear confusions without alarming them, you might want some ideas of how to discuss the matter with your little munchkins.

Let’s talk: As the first step ask them what they already know about corona virus and what they have heard (from friends, media, family members, etc.). Spend some time to talk through this and encourage them to approach you with any other questions. Try to be honest and answer in a way that accounts for your child’s age.

Here is a link that I found helpful for you to explain about virus to your kiddos in an interesting way( https://660919d3-b85b-43c3-a3ad-3de6a9d37099.filesusr.com/ugd/64c685_319c5acf38d34604b537ac9fae37fc80.pdf)

Think twice before you talk: Limit conversations with/around them about things that they can’t control or help with. (i.e., -no: of newly reported cases, job lose/ shortage of income, a family friend got exposed to virus etc.).

Share information in a concrete way:  Speak to them about the ways you are helping them to stay safe. Speak about the wise usage of recourses, snack items especially toilet papers/napkins/sanitizers. And don’t forget to review good hygiene practices.

Divert their attention: Consider supporting your child with an individual routine including activities such as online learning, get them creative ideas on crafting/painting, self care activities, joining them in household chores and don’t forget to add some physical activities. Trust me, the latter one will help them to get lose the excess energy and for a good sleep. (most of the times getting them to do exercise doesn’t works for me. So, we use to play their favorite music and get them to dance with us. Mostly its kind of a family dance.)

Hopefully this really helps to ease these lock-down days. So stay home ..stay safe..!

Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

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