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A handout from Heaven amid covid-19

My dearest,

Sorry for the late response. Needless to say, about the prayer requests that I receive here during any crisis situations. And in this pandemic season its zillion times the others. Yes, I can see the virus outspread all around the world as rapidly as a fake news going viral on the internet. Don’t get panic ..look at it as one of the nature’s  way to stabilize  its own equilibrium.

Remember, when I completed the creation we had a covenant. Its true, that I gave you people the supremacy over all my creations. However, I didn’t mean to harm rest of my creations. Now, think what you and your friends did. You guys proved to be untrustworthy. Pollution, population, trading of animal meat, deforestation…in short you turned my paradise to a place where no living creatures can co-exist. Yes, I agree to some extent this all are necessary for you guys to hold your spot as a dominant intelligent species on this planet. But this is ridiculous!! Now you should be prepared to face the serious repercussions here after.

Hope you are aware that, this trouble maker virus existed long time ago on this same planet. However, in those times it had a host- Animals. But now, you know what you guys are doing to them. Well, I can’t turn away from the prayer requests of those poor creatures you where feeding and trading on. So, let ‘Corona’ carrying out its own devoir.

By the way, I am so glad that now you aren’t complaining on ‘shortage of time’. The whole world is standing still while the clock is ticking around. So, wake-up…its an opportunity for you. Follow your passion, start a new hobby, learn new skills and if possible, go vegan or at least reduce the meat consumption…. And mold yourself into a better person. Remember how Noah the patriarch acted during his lock-down days.

Remote jobs, Household chores, Kid’s virtual school, Layoffs, Economy crisis…I know its too much. Patience is the key- not worrying. Stop concerning about the things that is not under your control. The cross you carry may seem heavy especially in these challenging times. While this may seem overwhelming, it helps to look around the world and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself far more fortunate than you imagined. So, stay home, stay safe…give the rest to your Lord God.

With lots of love,

Your Lord God

As a response to this letter I reduced 90% my meat consumption …may be in a near future completely to a vegan. He knows withdrawal symptoms is as hard as an alcoholic. Well, we can’t change the whole world. However, each of us can give it a try. So will you…?? don’t forget to share your thoughts…


Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

15 thoughts on “A handout from Heaven amid covid-19

  1. Congrats on reducing your meat consumption! Mother Earth thanks you. After several years on a 71 percent vegetarian diet–eating only fish twice a week–I finally took the plunge to a 100 percent vegan diet on January this year.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh..really..!!thats a great news..👍🏻👏🏻actually myself and My hubby, we are trying to go on a vegan diet from this January as a new year resolution ☺️..however, I couldn’t hold on my cravings at sometimes..😇I should say some 90% successful..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. With pleasure😀.. It’s your comment am receiving 1st from WordPress since my one month of blogging…
      I thought you should be always remembered throughout my blogging journey 😀thankyou very much for stopping by and taking your time for reading and sharing your thoughts 🥰


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