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A Mother’s day preparation guide amid lock down.

For a woman, the word ‘MOM’ recalls of her own origin and her destiny. Yes, at some point of life, we all realize what our mom went through for bringing up each one of us. It will take a generation time for this realization- to be specific – Until we are in motherhood…starting with the long 9 months of morning sickness and discomforts, c-sections and the first bowels there after, sleepless first year of your newborn, those days even if you are on a sick leave and realize that, mom in you don’t have a day off…During this whole grooming session, where a girl in us molds into a women/mom, we terribly miss our mom and feels like we should celebrate every day as Mother’s Day.

Officially, we celebrate Mother’s day on second Sunday in may ..It is a time to celebrate Mom’s -the very beautiful creatures that gave us life ,love and care to thrive as a growing little humans that blossom into admirable adults. Unlike there in India, here in Canada it used to be one of those days when they would get family and friends together for a dine out, backyard BBQ’s, game/movie nights with mom. And of course, the lovely gifts, flowers hugs and kisses. Well, people of every nation got their own culture. However, this one used to give me goosebumps – the way Canadians honoring Motherhood.

But with stay at home and social distancing measures in place because of the covid-19 pandemic, Mother’s Day is going to look different this year. For some of us, can’t reach to hug our mom, for others who are near couldn’t celebrate the day as usual. Here are some of the ways that you can make your moms happy on this special day amidst this lock down.

If you are staying with your mom

  • Breakfast in bed is a considerable option that makes her feel so special on this whole day.
  • Baking / making moms favorite recipes.
  • Backyard BBQ’s / picnic.
  • Scavenger hunt for gifts at home. Yes, you can go creative here.
  • Drive thru party: In this era of social distancing and cheap gas, drive thru party is the new way to celebrate everything from birthdays to wedding. Since there is a social gathering restriction during this pandemic time, invite your loved ones for a drive thru party, holding balloons/flowers/posters to surprise your mom.
  • Making cards, personalized letter or a nice portrait drawing/painting of your mom… Well, do this only if you believe you are good at it. 😉

If you can’t make it home

Since we are living in a world of cutting edge technologies and social networks, just make use of it.

  • Making a personalized video for your mom by combining pics from old memories.
  • Collect all the loved one’s( it can be her old friends, teachers, relatives, colleagues) video message and merge it to make a lovely clipping.
  • Of Course, you can utilize the live video chat platforms like Skype/zoom/Facebook/google Hangout…etc.
  • Ask your dear ones living near to your mom’s house to wish her on behalf of you in a social distancing way.
  • Making cards, writing letter and take a snap and send it.
  • Its not a bad idea to buy something online for your Mom. But I personally recommend some creative thoughts for making memories with our mom. And hope you know, online delivery expected dates are really unpredictable during these lock-down days.

If you have little kids its worth try to grow a culture of honoring motherhood from their childhood itself. By doing moms day crafts,poem,watching related stories/songs on you tube we can spend some quality time with them and make our-self special.

(some useful links for kids-songs- -stories-,

Here I share some of my kindergartener’s surprise to me for mothers day. Trust me, its fun to know what’s your image in their little hearts.

So, the whole idea behind this post is- whether your mom is near or far,make sure that you tell your mom how much you treasure her and show her you love with one of above ideas that will make any mom feel special.By Commenting let me know your creative plans of celebrating “mom”!!Who knows, you might find a way make it even more special this time.


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I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

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