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Hold on before you ask a kid ‘who do you love the most- Mom or Dad’ ????

Have you ever faced this mindless question or have you asked/heard someone asking the same to any kids?? If ‘yes’ then you should continue reading.

Hey cutie, Who do you love the most ‘Mom or Dad’…??

It’s a default question running throughout generations…We all might have heard it at least once from our parents,in-laws,relatives or rather yourself asking to kids .We don’t even bother about the future implications of this brainless question on that kid. Let’s have a quick look at it.

1. Forcing a kid to choose among parents:- In a normal family, for every child words always fall less to delineate whom they love the most.Because, both parents are special for them in their own ways. I remember, once I was asked the same question in an interview and to this date I don’t understand the relevance for that question in a job interview.Well, luckily I didn’t choose that offer!! Yeah that question looks so weird isn’t it..??

Even there can be some awkward moments where the questioner imposing personal favouritism on kids..which is really questioning the balance of a family. So, it’s really important to understand parents are just like two sides of a coin..neither less nor more..

2. Rooting gender discrimination in little minds :- Nowadays, in most of the families both parents are working and ladies are still handling most of the household chores. This make the kids to think in a biased way, when such a question is being asked .It can lead little minds to reinforce women and men are not equal in this family system .So let’s try to nurture gender equality in little minds rather than inequality for a better future generation..

3. Conflicts among parents :- As we know, every individual is unique, and will evoke a different response at different situations. This makes it very unlikely that, love will be strictly equal between family members.While running a successful family, Moms and Dads have different roles and will spend different amount of time with a child. And this eventually will result in a favoritism in kids.

Once the kid prefers one parent over other, it may cause trouble among the couples.They may compete for the favor of their child, by pampering more or even by dumping gifts.Both can seriously effect one kid’s overall growth.

4. Adversely effects the kids and other parents relations in a long run:– At different stages of life, as one’s needs changes, the attachment towards one parent decreases and vise versa..this is completely normal. However, at times we forget it and take it in to our hearts.This may hold you back while bonding with your kids. Remember,both parents love and care are inevitable part of a child’s emotional and mental development.

Now let’s see what we can do to avoid this kind of toxic situations from our kids life.

  1. Stop asking such mindless questions to any kids.
  2. Train your little ones how to handle such brainless questions and help them to embrace the oneness of a family.

Phewww..!! Hmmm..I know, what you guys are wondering about..yeah it’s true .. that silly question got so much to manipulate our little minds..!!

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Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

14 thoughts on “Hold on before you ask a kid ‘who do you love the most- Mom or Dad’ ????

    1. Yeah..I remember times when I stood speechless 😶 when such mindless questions being asked to our kids..but not anymore..bdw, thanks for stopping by taking time for reading and commenting 😊

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to go through my post..😊..I was just gazing at your photographs..and I must say, it’s really beautiful..👍🏻


  1. Yeah, I have seen people asking this question to kids numerous times. It’s a senseless question. I suppose they do it subconsciously. It’s like when we have nothing to talk about and we ask, ”how is the weather?”.
    There is one issue with your site. Generally, when you click on any name in the app it takes you to that person’s website. However, in your case, it is taking me to start a new website. I had to go in the search mode of the reader to find your page. Have it checked out? Also, there is no follow symbol appearing under your name in the app, I could follow you only by searching you with your name and then follow.

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    1. Yeah that’s right you got it..!!😊These people don’t even realize the trouble there after..😇
      Trouble with my site:😮 really..!!yesterday one of my friend who don’t have aWordpress account said the same issue ..!!she even started a new free website to follow me🙄..And I was wondering on her mindless act!! the problem is for real 🙄..Actually I’m new to this blogging and just wondering how to fix this..!!let me try to contact this WordPress support..thank you so much for stopping by and share your thoughts and pointing out the trouble..👍🏻😊

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