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Post marriage kitchen thoughts: A funny yet thoughtful analysis

Among household chores, ‘Cooking’ is a recurring task that should be accomplished on a daily basis. (here I exclusively exclude the ones with house maids and the ones who feeds on cooked freezer food for months).

I know there are many adults out there like kids who still blindly believe and follow these kinds of patriarchal norms in the society. Time has changed. While in most of the modern families where both the partners are acting as breadwinners, cooking along with other household errands is a piece of bone in her throat. And in these situations, most of us wonder, what holds my husband back and to feel like, he has no business in helping with household. So, this is a post which intends to make it possible for both the partners to participate in the art of cooking. For better understanding let’s classify people with the different mindsets.

Type A: people who believe household especially cooking is women’s jobs. I would have happily agreed with you if we lived in that nomadic era where men hunts-women cooks. Nowadays, where women are less dependent on men, this equation doesn’t seem to be balanced anymore. If this continues, I foresee in less time the equation will be reversed. So, guys out there, better equip yourself with basic living skills and be a good role model for your kids. Or else you can make some extra dollar to get a robot or maid for the job to be done. And to my knowledge cooking is a basic survival skill that every human should master. Yes, you are lucky enough to get a wife who does everything without any complaints. However, it doesn’t mean that, she doesn’t like to see you in sharing the chores.

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And a word to the ladies of the same belief – you can do cooking or cleaning all by yourself if you enjoy it (I don’t think many of us will) or thinking that to help the partner. But, remember your girl and boy is looking at you. It’s ‘OK’ to get some help from the partner and don’t forget to train your boy and girl with basic skills to live independently.

Type B: To guys who think I’m not good at cooking/cleaning but my wife is really good– Do you know, if you google the best 10-20 chefs around the world 2020 you can’t find any lady chef in there. Which means you guys are talented too. And one more reminder, we girls doesn’t know all of these arts when we were born. I believe a perfect partner can learn anything to help with his wife in/out around the house.

Now coming on to the girls- give him some opportunity to try out his skills on cooking…. sometimes we will have to figure out the right chance for doing so. For instance, have you ever heard your dear one getting loquacious on his mom’s delicious cooking skills?? Girls, it’s a golden opportunity ..!! Even if it tastes yucky keeps your thumbs up..its said that man’s cooking and women’s driving are similar in terms of risk.. well, no one is perfect right huh??..Encourage him and don’t forget to be grateful..

Type C: The people who think I’m so busy with my office works and cooking is disrespectful task. I believe every work has its own dignity. Many people out there find cooking as a time for bonding and caring amidst hectic professional life. The extent to which partners share the responsibility will affect how they feel and think about each other. And if not handled properly it may seriously damage your marital status. And trust me, most of the ladies out there don’t want you guys literally to help them, but your presence in the kitchen or somewhere around her working..

And girls, it’s always a better idea to discuss and figure out about sharing the household duties before the marriage itself.

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Type D : guys who enjoy cooking and helping in kitchen. Well, you guys are doing the perfect thing..And to the lucky girls who is enjoying these companionship please don’t take advantage of them all the time.

let me conclude,who is cooking tonight?? time for me to cook..haha..😀I know there is a huge disconnection between what we write and what we practice in daily life. And I believe that day will come when we all enjoy living in an unconventional and unbiased society.

So, let me know to which category you belong to??

Hope you enjoyed the post don’t forget to Share your thoughts on the same…have a wonderful long-weekend…☺️


Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

47 thoughts on “Post marriage kitchen thoughts: A funny yet thoughtful analysis

    1. Thank you Kamal for stopping by and sharing your thoughts..and I’m happy that you found the article impressive 😊’re doing it right..👍🏻cooking is such an amazing art anyone can enjoy unless you’re being forced to do so😂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. 😀that’s really interesting might be a result of preset mind of mine..I believe as a content creators we should always speak impartial on a certain issue and If we really want a change we should focus on the solutions rather than beating around the bush..!!
      Thank you Sir for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 💭..have a wonderful day..☺️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Prisanpraia, (I hope it’s your name-like it,it’s unique..!)

      Thank you for stopping by and saying those kind and motivating words..!!!Actually, I really needed this today..!! You know, sometimes we all needed some kind of driving forces to keep on going..!! usually I do a post on weekends , however this week I’m stuck ..mind was blank..!!..but now I can think about doing one at least by Monday.!!Thanks again!!

      yeah, as a content creator, If I could at least spread some positivity, then that’s all I want..


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