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A true inspiring story of a Phoenix birdie-MULLA-International youth day 2020

When we celebrate International youth day in this week (August 12-2020) I couldn’t hold myself back from writing about one of my classmate who fully recovered from a deadly cancer state and recently received inspire youth award(Kerala-state level)for her various social activities..Yes, I was lucky enough to share my grade 12 language classes with this Miss.Bold & Beautiful.

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‘Identical twins ‘👯‍♀️ are always special to us right?? Yes, she is one among them. This is what comes to my mind when I think about her.. The girl with hip-long pleated Rapunzel hair and rosary necklace, the girl who loved nature, books and travel..owner of exceptional writing skills..classical singer and dancer..whoa what not !!

Unexpected things can happen in our life when we are least expecting it..and imagine that too happening in the honeymoon months of marriage..yes, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on the 3rd month of her marriage..the divorce notice which was received on the first day of her chemo, devastated her both physically and mentally…However, she wasn’t ready to accept failure..she decided to fight..she didn’t weep or let anyone in her family to do so. She was the one who gave mental support for her parents. Even the side effects of chemo was overwhelming she decided not to spend her days inside the four walls of her house.

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It is said that sometimes bad things happens in our life, puts us directly on to the right path and all the best things will ever happen to us. And I think, this seems to be very true in her life as well. She started to deliver motivational classes, meanwhile, she got the appointment letter as teacher from one of the reputed school. She is more than a teacher to her kids at school, where she overcomes the grief of not being able to embrace a motherhood. And she continues to inspire all the life she touched.

When we choose to end the cycle of negativity and sufferings, it means that we’re strong enough to raise above all of it like a Phoenix bird.yes she is strong..

When we choose to treat others with kindness even you’re hurt and emotionally burned, it provides you immense courage and happiness throughout our life. Yes, she’s courageous and the happiest..

When we called her, by her real name Liji, she named herself as ‘MULLA’ for her rebirth, which means jasmine flower in English..I couldn’t agree more on it, because she is as pure as a Jasmine flower and spreads the aroma of inspiration throughout her life….Keep smiling girl, your smile has the power to change the world and don’t let the world to take away that smile 😊..

Now let’s talk about some of the young women activists around the world that are trying to change the world for a better place to live. And I thought for a quick and better understanding its better to tabulate them..

Age as of 2020
Area of workAchievements
Girls education and
No to terrorism
Nobel prize winner 2014,
Malala fund-a school for girls in Bekaa valley
Lebanon, Book-I’m Malala
( )
Bana al-Abed(11),SyriaChildhood girls education
and against wars
Published a book-
Dear world: A syrian girl’s story of war and plea for peace
Grace Callwood(11)
Cancer survivor-helping homeless and sick kidsFounder -We Cancerve
2019-Youth Award
Anika George(20)
British activist
Equality for girls,boys awareness on periods.Founder of – Free Periods-free menstrual products for the needy.
Greta Thunberg(17)
Swedish activist
climate change activisttwice nominated for nobel prize,
person of the year tag by TIME magazine
Jaimie Margolin(18)
climate Justice activistco-executive director of Zero-Hour-a climate change action org
Marley Diaz(15) California-USHuman Diverse representation#1000 black girls books campaign, published a book-Marley Diaz get it done: and so can you, honored by Forbes
Emma Watson(30)-the Harry potter girl
Gender equality especially on media platform.UN goodwill ambassador, launched Heforshe campaign for gender equality.
table of young women activists around the world

When I started to tabulate them, I realized that there are even much more aspiring and inspiring young minds around the world..and the list continues..which means in upcoming generations women will enjoy living in an impartial unconventional world..!!May be in the continued list there will be mine or yours name one day..right??hmm.. I know what you’re thinking now..I’m not that young or courageous to start from scratch at this age, trust me –Age is only for your skin not for your Inner self…!!Hope you remember one of our post discussing on our dreams and age..( if not here is the link-

Youth is a state of mind, so open your mind take a second look, it’s never too late to consider the possibilities…

Experience, Desire and Perspective define our youthfulness..!!

Anu Rijo

So betated Youth day wishes to all my friends and followers out there who keeps their minds young and energetic irrespective of their age. Hope you enjoyed reading this post..feel free to <LIKE>-<COMMENT>-<FOLLOW>-<REBLOG>-<SHARE>..have a wonderful week ahead..stay blessed..!!


Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

25 thoughts on “A true inspiring story of a Phoenix birdie-MULLA-International youth day 2020

  1. This is such an inspiring share. It reminds me that our youthful days should be spent wisely and for spreading good – the good God has put in us.

    And her story with the divorce and all is really touching. Glad she chose to live above it. ❤

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yes we all are really happy for her and her wisdom..And let almighty bless her for inspiring many throughout her life..
      Thank you friend for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 😊

      Liked by 2 people

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