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His & Her Money-an Impartial talk on finance and family.

The purpose of this post is to question our household economic systems within which resources are said to be shared equitably. When I say resources, here I purely means Money Management. For better understanding we will focus on Couple-households and the implications for individuals, (especially on women) of different types of financial management.

I have heard most of the mommies with girl children, giving them advice for getting a job and being able to finance for themselves, be independent..etc..Yes, it’s totally virtuous. However, is that alone ensuring their financial independence after married life?? When we speak about equality, how many women in a family institution could spend at least their own earnings in an satisfactory way??

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As we all know unending arguments triggers while agreeing or not agreeing to financial decisions. It can be expenses on kids toys and accessories, expenditure on extended family or friends, food and fashion so on…!! So, it’s mandatory to figure out a reasonable kind of financial management among couples which ensures equality without fail.

As we discussed earlier, let’s have a sneak-peek of various financial management systems exist and its credibility in ensuring equality..!!

1.Female as the treasurer: I have observed this kind of finance management in families that followed matriarchal system, where everyone in the family including husband, hands over their earnings to eldest female of the family. And you know, even though women had the power to control the finance she never took advantage of it. In most of the cases Men took the final decisions and she just remained as the treasurer. Such systems is hard to find in this modern era.

2.Household quota: This kind of money management systems are habitual among the couples where women don’t work. And partner will be allocating certain amount of money for taking care of household. Again here also men will decide on larger expenditures and she may or maynot get enough for her personnel needs. This kind of systems getting less popular these days where both of the partners are breadwinners.

3.Men the BOSS: Here, as the heading suggests Men is the one who earns and act as the financier of the family regardless of women works or not. This kind of system is good if he ensures that money is equally distributed among the couples for the personnel needs. However, the social norms and the existing gender stereotypic rules stops him from doing it. For example, if HE spends 5X for supporting his parents, he can only think about 1X or even less for supporting HER parents..!! hmm..looks like we should discuss it in detail on another post..!!

4.Joint finance management: This kind of system is familiar for most of us where both the partners incomes goes in to a joint account, and both are having access for it however, the last word will be from person with higher salary and in most cases it will be of men..!!

5.Independent financing: This is quite often observed in families with high source of income where both the couples enjoy the freedom of expenditure. And the problems arises only when this high source get diminished because of the unwise and uncontrolled expenses ..!! And there an increasing trend among independent financing women, that HIS money is for supporting the Family and My Money is for myself..!! Well, that is selfishness..!! I don’t agree to that as well…!!!

So what we infer from here is that, expect in the high class families, regardless of women earns or not, she is always having a secondary place in enjoying the fruit of her hardships..!! I feel that, by the upgradation of currency to credit cards and debit cards, this inequality is arrested by smart women out there..!! Thanks to Online banking..!!



When a woman takes up a part time job or less paid job it doesn’t means that she isn’t capable of doing larger business..!! When a women decide not to work, it doesn’t means that she is lazy, it’s for raising her kids and taking care of the household..And when she is give up her dreams or taking a break from chasing her dreams, it’s not because of thinking that it’s her duty ..but out of her love and trust…!! So, to all Men out there it’s your responsibility to keep up that trust…

When a woman takes up a part time job or less paid job it doesn’t means that she isn’t capable of doing larger business..!! When a women decide not to work, it doesn’t means that she is lazy, it’s for raising her kids and taking care of the household..And when she is give up her dreams or taking a break from chasing her dreams, it’s not because of thinking that it’s her duty ..but out of her love and trust…!!


So, what’s your system of financial management..?? Are you ensuring the equality on personal expenditure in your family?? Or are you satisfied with your partners financial management?? comment your thoughts in the Comment box below..and if you like it don’t forget to <<<follow >share>reblog >like>>>

Have a wonderful week ahead..💙Anu


Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

30 thoughts on “His & Her Money-an Impartial talk on finance and family.

  1. Nice information here.
    In our country, I guess, majority still follows the matriarchal system, where the wife manages the finances.
    But in my familt, we do the joint system. It works perfectly well for me. My husband is better than me in management.😂😊

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Women sacrifices enough for the family. Hats off to all of them who left their ambitions and dream job for their children and husband.
    But today’s parenting are more divert to working parents aside parent’s duties.
    Both have their own responsibilities.
    But at the end of the day their efforts will be counted together.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. New generation Boys who thinks and act like you will ensure that the efforts will be equally payed off..hoping for a better future 😊
      Thank you Ritish for stopping by and sharing your valuable thoughts 😊👍🏻

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Anu! I fully agree with you esecially those lines, ” when a woman takes up a part time job……..
    but out of her love and trust” but unfortunately most of the people don’t understand its value….

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes Sir you said it right..anyhow pandemic lockdown season is making an opportunity for most the partners to realize the hardships of their duties which they handle every day..!!hope things will get better in the future 😊
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow such a similarity with our titles. Great blog. I don’t know why men feel it’s ok to judge a women’s capability based on her income. I got to say you have hit the jackpot dear your recent blogs are so much connected to everyday life. We fail to notice. Thankyou for reminding us. Keep up the amazing work ☺️

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you that rare flower of desserts for those kind and motivating words..I’m just trying to give voice for those millions of women out there who prevent themselves from expressing their feelings ..
      Thank you Once again for this continued support 😊
      let’s see what coincidence awaits us next week 😂

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Smiles. Good points raised ma’am. 🤗 The common saying of “His money is our money and my money is mine” is truly rather selfish. I believe for every household finance both should have a say whether it is joint or even in maintaining an individual account.
    Thanks for sharing on this. Finance is a major clash in homes today if not properly handled.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You got it right Herry….yeah it’s not about who or what system you’re following in managing the finance..Its all about using it wisely and equally for the betterment of the future of a family..!!
      thank you Herry for dropping by..Have a wonderful week ahead..

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  6. I think the best way to manage anything is to keep a balance. I’m very ambitious, and I currently don’t have kids. But I would prefer to get a job that would allow me to spend time with my kids. Even staying at home doesn’t sound bad as long as one of us isworking! Balance- that’s what we need.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes..of course that’s one of the best things we can do to our kids ,while making sure our partners are giving equal respect and
      opportunity/accessibility for all the resources for you 😊as you said balancing matters..thumbs up for the great thoughts way before having kids around..👍🏻
      And happy to stay connected 😊

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah.. I wish I knew all these stuff way before I got in to the real world now wanted to spread awareness for my sisters across the world .thank you sis for stopping by and sharing your genuine thoughts.grow strong 💪
      💙 Anu.


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