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Women EMPOWERMENT through Freedom of Choice.

Do you remember the happiness post, in which we discussed earlier, where we concluded that our happiness is not by chance but, by choice..??(here is the link in case you missed it- ) hmm.. but how many of us are free to choose what we want..? or what we wanted to be..?? And if you’re hooked by some strings like parents, partners, religion etc. how could you find happiness in your life..? How can you find yourself..? “Freedom of choice is a key factor in determining the degree of a person’s empowerment…”- and this statement is regardless of gender ..!

Disclaimer: When I mention ‘Freedom of choice’ here in this article it doesn’t mean that you do what ever you want to do in life, without listening to any of the above mentioned strings. In my opinion, one must be aware of the consequences and must be brave enough to undertake the responsibility of its reverberations too.

Disclaimer 2–>Our dressing style has nothing to do with the empowerment and its one’s choice.

According to Keshab Chandra Mandal female empowerment is defined in 5 levels. Social, Educational, Economic, Political and Psychological.. And how far these terms are doing justice for them..? How many girl’s are free to choose their dream career.. or how many seats are for women in leading roles..?

Mostly, women live a dependent life style on their male counterparts throughout their life. That’s what the society expect from a girl child. Apart from that, young and vibrant girls of new generation, are taking a step ahead in this subject. Thank you universe for supporting them…! However, it’s still a small percentage of the women community ..isn’t it? For instance let’s talk about a girl from a medium family in a developing country.. From the day she is born, her decisions depends on her father’s wish, after marriage her spouse takes the charge and later on, Son/son-in-law will be carrying this position later on.


‘Her’ choices always depends on some authoritative/emotional strings. ‘Her’ choices/decision are consistently secondary and paused by “Pending decision” by the third umpire..!! The way in which women’s decisions/choices are treated in a family reflects how much empowered are they in a society..! I have come across so many families where women are not even allowed to express their thoughts or choices where decisions are made only by the male head of the family.. This is not 18th century, This is new Pandemic era, even virus don’t exhibit any kind of discrimination.. Here, all are equal, All can Work and all can Cook. All are free to choose and be independent. Everyone is unique and talented, and their choices must to be respected equally. And, It should begin from families.. And if it is not, you should stand up for yourself ..EMPOWER YOURSELF….!!

Power can be taken, but not given.

the process of taking is empowerment in itself.

Gloria steinem

Let me conclude here by quoting Meryl Streep, “true freedom is understanding that we have a choice in WHO and WHAT we allow to have power over us“..! Every time when you’re changing your preferences for incorporating others wishes remember, you’re shutting the doors of your happiness and well being. There is only one life, live it to the fullest by listening to your heart..

Have an empowered week ahead my friends.. yes, you’re powerful than you think

Well, Don’t forget to Share your thoughts on the post..!!



Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

21 thoughts on “Women EMPOWERMENT through Freedom of Choice.

  1. Very well expressed…
    Empowerment is not actually well understood by the common people in the society. Most fail to differentiate between providing and enabling.
    Decision making has been the bane of our society since ages…even majority of men are not empowered to make decisions..most just go with the flow..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable thoughts always , you figured out the core of the post..hmm ..yeah you’re right about the Men too..😇thanks for reminding it..☺️

      Have a wonderful week ahead 🙏
      Stay safe and blessed 🙌🏻


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