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A colourful Nostalgia-A painting from Anu@Lafemina

My new painting Hmm, looks like they’re communicating through their eyes 👀 isn’t..?what else do you 🤔 think..? hey story teller bloggers out there..give wings to your imagination.. Share your thoughts about the painting in the comment box below..

6 simple ways for boosting your ‘Self esteem’

Before reading this post I strongly recommend you guys to take the free self esteem assessment test below…remember to answer from your heart ❤️.. In this post I aim to share some helpful ideas on self-esteem and dealing with negative thoughts about ourselves. We humans, always have some judgements about the world we liveContinue reading “6 simple ways for boosting your ‘Self esteem’”

Who puts an expiry date on Women’s dreams??

This questions haunts me from the day I watched a south Indian movie ‘How Old Are You??’….Is there an expiry date for our dreams??…If “yes” who is the culprit behind the scenes…?? We ourselves or the Society??? Mostly after the marriage, regardless of the gender, our dreams just stay as dreams in the dumpiest dustyContinue reading “Who puts an expiry date on Women’s dreams??”


Hi everyone,I have been nominated by Dakshali Guptha for this award .I thank her for considering me for this award. I feel excited and happy. Do visit her blog on the link above..if you love reading poems you should not miss out.. ! 🙃RULES FOR THIS Award 🥇 Questions and Answers:- 1) Describe yourContinue reading “VINCENT EHINDRO BLOGGER AWARD”

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19 — Read on

How to unlearn toxic behaviors from past?

It is said that, the way how an animal respond to an external or internal stimulus can be innate or learned from the exposed environment.When you’re brought up in a household where unhealthy behaviors, like intimidation, gender inequality, lack of love and respect, over strictness etc existed, there is a high probability of mirroring theContinue reading “How to unlearn toxic behaviors from past?”

A thank you note for the front-line workers: Covid-19

While most of us are staying home and working from home in this pandemic locked-down season, I thought I should take a moment to thank all the frontline workers who are sacrificing and working around the clock to help rest of our lives safe. Recently I pinged one of our close family friends for invitingContinue reading “A thank you note for the front-line workers: Covid-19”

How to get more likes on Instagram?

One of the platform we all use to promote our blog post, photography or any other online business is Instagram. The basic reason behind we all choose this platform is, it can reach to wider audience despite of our friends list. Moreover, the post on Instagram is permanently there and available anytime for future improvements.Continue reading “How to get more likes on Instagram?”