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The Pitfalls in India’s Vaccination Policy

Anushca Thomas – Guest Author Picture Credit: The Hindustan Times The task of vaccinating an entire population of 1.4 billion can be met only with efficient and equitable strategic planning. Alas, the Indian programme has been nowhere near these two agendas. The follies of Indian vaccination programme have been countless. Right from procuring the vaccinesContinue reading “The Pitfalls in India’s Vaccination Policy”

A colourful Nostalgia-A painting from Anu@Lafemina

My new painting Hmm, looks like they’re communicating through their eyes 👀 isn’t..?what else do you 🤔 think..? hey story teller bloggers out there..give wings to your imagination.. Share your thoughts about the painting in the comment box below..

‘MAN MADE’- Why not Human Made or People Made..??

Well, this question wasn’t raised by me.. Rather, from an elementary school girl, while learning her social studies text book..! Of course, the video went viral..!! Even though at first glance it may feel funny, there is something which needs our greater attention. For better understanding I can explain what left that little mind perplexed..!Continue reading “‘MAN MADE’- Why not Human Made or People Made..??”

Thoughts on Gender equality with a Buddhist lens

(Acrylic Buddha painting-Anu@lafemina) Thinking what Buddha got to do with gender equality..??? Hmm.. even I didn’t have much clues, when I did this painting. Later on, in my research I figured out that my thoughts on gender equality goes in parallel with Buddhism. Which means, even if Buddhism teaches and practice gender equality they don’tContinue reading “Thoughts on Gender equality with a Buddhist lens”

Why do you choose to keep silence against sexual harassments…?

Why an improper touch or sexual comments are becoming more of like normalized these days.. ?What make our girls to take a negative street comment as a compliment..??