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8 basic rules for a happy life

Wait, What?? Just 8 steps for happiness..?? Yes, you read it right…!! Who on earth doesn’t want to be happy?? Throughout my life, I haven’t met at least one person, who doesn’t want to be happy. According to me ‘happiness’ is a feeling which comes within me, when I’m proud of something that I did..andContinue reading “8 basic rules for a happy life”

Parent habits of raising successful woman

I haven’t met a single parent who don’t want their kids to be successful in their life. And as we all know, to date there is no fail proof document available for doing the same. However, when I read Millionaire women next door by Dr.Thomas J.Stanley I got some interesting insights on what habits ofContinue reading “Parent habits of raising successful woman”

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s Day 2020

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day. — Read on “My dad changed the world “🌎..those words resonate in our mind all these days especially when we are moving closer to Father’s Day 2020…yes ..for every kid their dad is so special..

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

Have you ever watched your Dad getting so emotional or literally crying ?? Most of us haven’t. Did they held it back for family and kids??or to protect the social norms that a strong man never cries..?? God knows!! Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and displayContinue reading “Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.”