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Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

Dad, I wanted to fly like that birdies..ok you go…Up in the air…

Have you ever watched your Dad getting so emotional or literally crying ?? Most of us haven’t. Did they held it back for family and kids??or to protect the social norms that a strong man never cries..?? God knows!!

Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and display paternal love. I have seen my Mom expressing her emotions to the fullest, when it comes to love, laughter or sadness… Whereas, dad was calm as summer’s morning. I haven’t seen him bursting out, even in toughest times. A simple family man, who dedicated whole his life working abroad without any complaints, for his three girls… Yes, that’s paternal love. Its intense and responsive to the needs and desires of their kids. If you ask for the moon, regardless of the feasibility he goes behind fulfilling your dreams…but they aren’t exhibitionist. Most of the times we never recognize our dad’s contributions behind our victories.

Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and display paternal love.

jibon krishna goswami- remains of spring

It’s really interesting to observe the transition of superhero dad to super bossy Dad …As of now, I am on the observer side and now I know how hard is for a dad to pretend to be a Hitler for their kids…!! From certain point of our life, we kids feel our dad as so bossy or strict. That’s because, dads tent to enforce harsher responses to our poor behaviors. Beyond doubt, now I can say that no father in this world wanted to treat his beloved kid in such a harsh way.. This annoying factor arises from his own consciousness. His focus is only at the future results unlike all mommies including me. And the saddest truth is that only once we start missing him, we realize the value of his eternal unconditional love. Well, let me add a word to all the mommies reading me- I feel like, Its our responsibility to make our kiddos understand that, dad is being bossy because of his love and care towards them.

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Most of the times, fathers are more likely to fix the problems or find the solutions and move on. They don’t give space for emotions and feelings. Because they know, one day in the future their kids will recognize his love and care for them.

So wake up guys, its time to celebrate unheralded fatherhood. Well, I know what you are thinking to celebrate fathers day amid this pandemic lock-down season..No worries.. remember how we celebrated mothers day in one of the previous post..if you haven’t read it here is the link..


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Happy Fathers day in advance…!! And if you like this post don’t forget to follow and share…🤗


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5 thoughts on “Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

    1. Yes indeed ..!! fatherhood is as important as motherhood..and both are inevitable part of raising successful kids 😊…thank you friend for sharing your thoughts ..👍🏻😊

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