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Thoughts to reframe for pausing gender inequalities

One day in my childhood days, I was playing Football with my cousins. And all of a sudden, my granny called out for me and asked me to never repeat it because, I’m a grown up girl and football is not for girls..!! Up till now, I don’t understand the logic behind what is wrong when a girl play so called boy’s games..!!

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Recently, an Indian Actress who was carrying at the time of her partner’s demise, posted a pic of her baby shower ..And the Smile on her face was the most prettiest and saddest thing I observed on Internet on that day.. And You can Imagine, the kind of unpleasant Comments bestowed under that picture..!! Why do a smile one a widow’s face irritate some vicious people out there..?? What is illegal when a widow is wearing a colorful dress or trying recover from her agony..!!

Throughout my life, I have observed and classified girls into two category..

Type A girls- the girls who obeys their parents, above average to good academics, no late night parties or hanging outs with boy friends. Never got listed in society bad list, pressurized and got married at early ages. Way before getting grip or launching her dream career and may have a job or later quit it.. Yes, then everyone tell, her partner is earning enough then why should she go to work…!! Later on, ends up as the private property of her husband…!! Now, do you think that the life, which dedicated for keeping a good track record among the society people will glorify you..???

Nopes..!! The same people will say, she wasn’t that brilliant or brave enough to have a brighter career..just somehow managed to get good scores on academics..!! Suppose, she got divorced What..!, can’t she keep a man..? Suppose, her partner cheats her or not having a baby after couple of years It’s all her fault..!! Suppose, she got married again- What..!, did she mourn enough or Did she purposely harm her earlier partner for this..? bla bla bla… Hey Girls, this blah blah never ends!!

Now, Type B girls: These girls seldom listen to their parents or never bother about what other people think about them. And obviously, their performance in academic varies from poor to below average. They do give a try in all of their interested may varies from glam world like modelling or acting to jobs that doesn’t give her a good respect or wages..!! Most of the times she will succeed in achieving her dream life and career.. She will live her life to the fullest..!! She don’t bother about the age when she should get tied to a knot..!!

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Now just think about she got into some troubles, like Sexual harassment or something like that- the questions and speculations goes viral than a YouTube video – what was she wearing, why did she drive the car alone at that late night…etc!! None will be there on her side..!! And we already know, what the public or even sometimes their own parents call such girls.. Such an Irresponsible idiot or she is a Sl_T, gone case, it’s all her MOm’s fault..hmm..what not..?!!And now assume that she became a well renowned personality or a woman superstar, then the same people comes to praise her or to take the credit as well…!! What a contradictory thought process…! huh..??!!

So from here it’s evident that, you choose to be good like type A or to be bold like type B girls, whatever you choose the social norms hunts you from the beginning to the end..!! Don’t you think it’s time for rethinking all this ugly thoughts..?? And point here to be noted is that, if it was a BOY who progress in the similar situations, the thought process of the outside community will be entirely different. Instead of spreading rumours, they praise him…and respect him..!!

All this kind of Gender Stereotypes are a hindrance for equality and our development… Each of us understand the truth that, regardless of the gender, each one of us are unique with different talents..!! We all have different identities and it could be stigmatized under the threat of these pointless stereotyping..!! Since I quoted all examples where women are the subject, it doesn’t mean that men are safe from this threat..!! For instance, how many parents will support a boy who’s interested in cooking ,nursing, tailoring..?? And would these élite class people sit quiet, when a BOY child pursue his dream career ..??

So the only way out is, live our life to the fullest , never give ears to this kind of public talks and if possible TEACH YOUR KIDS to mind their own business..!! How can we expect a change until we are treating others in a way that, you don’t want to get treated..?? Let it begin from the families…be a good role model for your kids especially by avoiding judging others in front of our kids…( as we discussed in one of our earlier post- ). And there will be a huge difference, IF our government, workplace and educational system take necessary measures to arrest gender stereotyping too..!!

Until you treat everyone as an equal, you have no right to complain about the treatment you receive from anyone.


Let Us live and Let others to live…I’m still hopeful that we together can create a world where all are equal and just treated as humans..!!

..Have you ever came across such kind of did you reacted to it..??Don’t you think this should change..??And let me know your thoughts on the same in the comment box below..have a fantastic weekend guys..

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Published by AnuRijo

I’m an aeronautical engineer by profession, artist and blogger by passion..So, you can find me anywhere between inspiring others, working on myself and nourishing my goals.. Be with me and discover more about me...😊

37 thoughts on “Thoughts to reframe for pausing gender inequalities

    1. Yes..that’s right..the day will come when all are treated as equal 💪
      Thank you friend for stopping by and sharing your valuable thoughts and kind words..😊


  1. This is such a outward view point that you reflected so perfectly on this blog. A wonderful thought provoking post as always. I always get inspired from your blogs. Keep up the amazing work as always

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