Hold on before you ask a kid ‘who do you love the most- Mom or Dad’ ????

Hold on before you ask a kid ‘who do you love the most- Mom or Dad’ ???? https://lafemina.home.blog/2020/05/15/hold-on-before-you-ask-a-kid-who-do-you-love-the-most-mom-or-dad/ — Read on lafemina.home.blog/2020/05/15/hold-on-before-you-ask-a-kid-who-do-you-love-the-most-mom-or-dad/ Have you ever asked any kid who do you love the most- Dad or Mom???.. If ‘yes’ the continue reading..its really helpful..

A handout from Heaven amid covid-19

My dearest, Sorry for the late response. Needless to say, about the prayer requests that I receive here during any crisis situations. And in this pandemic season its zillion times the others. Yes, I can see the virus outspread all around the world as rapidly as a fake news going viral on the internet. Don’tContinue reading “A handout from Heaven amid covid-19”

A thank you note for the front-line workers: Covid-19

While most of us are staying home and working from home in this pandemic locked-down season, I thought I should take a moment to thank all the frontline workers who are sacrificing and working around the clock to help rest of our lives safe. Recently I pinged one of our close family friends for invitingContinue reading “A thank you note for the front-line workers: Covid-19”

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