Who puts an expiry date on Women’s dreams??

This questions haunts me from the day I watched a south Indian movie ‘How Old Are You??’….Is there an expiry date for our dreams??…If “yes” who is the culprit behind the scenes…?? We ourselves or the Society???

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Mostly after the marriage, regardless of the gender, our dreams just stay as dreams in the dumpiest dusty corner of our hearts. Both of the partners work for the family, and at certain point of time the priority shifts..We ladies who are emotionally too attached to our kids and family, think that our dreams can be waited…and waited..!! Of course there are exceptions with regrets in the later part of their lives.

Yes, we all will have some dreams or passion which pops up in our mind while we are included in a heated up nostalgic conversation with our dear ones. Today, when I was helping my kindergartner for writing her dreams in memory book of the year, it took my mind to my childhood days..Yes, there are some interesting dreams yet to be explored.. Different reasons like responsibilities, society notions on role of women in taking care of the family, lack of motivation and support, fear of failure, lack of confidence and financial support, last but not the least our laziness could be culprit…!!

Just think about us. We women are naturally gifted with more emotional power of rearing children and taking care of them compared to men.If the job was given to men , many of them could have gave up even at the primary stages after getting disgusted and fed up. Which means, we are exceptionally talented by the divine law. We are capable of following our dreams. Moreover, in most of the modern families where both of the partners are working , spouses have started assisting in household chores against the society notions. In that event of a harmonic life, we get more time to focus on ourselves.

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So now it is only about to have a dream. Don’t worry if you haven’t any yet, its never too late. If you can hear the Lub-Dub sound of your heart, that means you still have time for dreams. Do remember the quotes from The Alchemist “Its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes the life interesting”

“Its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes the life interesting”

by Paulo Coelho

Don’t let the age or time decide your course of life. Hope you remember the founders of McDonald’s and KFC’s…they started at the age of 52 and 62 respectively.. Late lady bloomers Martha Stewart(40’s), Vera Wang(40)…so on..and the internet sensation tea shop couples in 70’s who traveled 23 countries so far(Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan -their names may not be in Forbes but from my hometown) ..the success of these amazing personalities validate the statement that “our dreams doesn’t comes with an expiry date…no matter it’s a male or female..”. Next in the list maybe I or you… Remember, we all have only one life to live..live it to the fullest. Don’t give room for doubts and fear…take it as it comes, learn from our mistakes. Give yourselves a second chance ,believe and work for it and the dream is all yours…!!!!

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

by Paulo Coelho
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Hope this post helped you to rethink seriously about your dreams and passion… Have wonderful day…Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below and if you like it feel free to share and follow.

Parent habits of raising successful woman

I haven’t met a single parent who don’t want their kids to be successful in their life. And as we all know, to date there is no fail proof document available for doing the same. However, when I read Millionaire women next door by Dr.Thomas J.Stanley I got some interesting insights on what habits of we parents make the difference..!! So here I share some of his findings who has been studying millionaire women for three decades.

1. Harmony/empathy: Most of these women were taught “how to get along with others” from their childhood itself. According to them, their parents ran a well organized household. Along with that, they were raised in a home atmosphere filled with love and harmony. They had respect for each other and their children. They were raised with faith in God. These tools of management eventually transformed these young aspiring minds to wonderful business leaders.

2.Initiative/leadership : For most of these kids, they were exposed to the elements like initiative, creative thinking, empathy for customer needs and leadership skills by their parents. Those who are not creative and bold enough to forge their own way to success will end up with following the crowd. Being different and creative were the qualities that were nurtured, not ridiculed. These parents always tried to praise and encourage the effort of their kids, rather than their victory.

3. Happiness/satisfaction : Most of these successful women share their parents had strong love of the life. And they were happy and contented. So, those from such a jovial family tent to be joyful and satisfied themselves. They rarely complained and always stayed positive and optimistic.

4.Independence: Most of these women’s parents encouraged them to be independent by wanting them to be strong and financially secure. They praised and encouraged them to earn their own spending money. Almost of these kids had early work experience, by taking up summer jobs or part-time jobs. I know how hard is for we parents to think about making our loved ones to do so. But the study gives us some confidence for doing the same…!! Let’s take a step forward by following strict discipline and giving them some responsibilities from their early stages of life.

5.Responsiveness: According to me, this is what what we parents lack these days…most of the time, we are busy with our own chores or on the phone/TV. The parents of these successful women always had time to listen. They tried to use positive incentives to uplift their kids, hardly punished them for getting low grades and tried to be open and friendly.

So, Let’s together work for nurturing bright and intelligent kids for a promising future. Share your thoughts on the same in the comment box below and if you like this post , don’t forget to share and click the follow button.

Are women better leaders while fighting against a pandemic??

According to me leadership is about understanding the fundamental purpose of power and embracing its true value ie, social welfare. Through media you will be familiar with these female leaders of Taiwan(Tsai Ing-wen), Finland(Sanna Mirella Marin), Germany(Angela Merkel), Iceland(Katrin Jakobsdottir), New Zealand(Jacinda Ardern), Norway(Erna Solberg)and Kerala(K.K.Shailaja). Let us take a moment to appreciate these ladies who are doing better than their counterparts amidst this pandemic season. Along with that let us analyse what make them different..

Health minister Shailaja teacher from my home town, is hailed as ‘Corona Slayer’. I remember her early haste response for the effective control of the community spread when first case in India was reported in Kerala.Maybe her past victory over Nipah virus paved the way for this quick thoughtful actions. I have observed her calm and sensible approaches amid the chaos by the opposition leaders during official meetings. And now she is the first health minister from India to be invited by UN for delivering a speech on the same. Shailja teacher is a tangible example for all women around the world for the positive, compassionate and nuanced exercise of power.

Dealing with a major terrorist attack, a deadly volcanic eruption, and a pandemic, all in her first term of office while holding a baby makes Jacinda Ardern a super woman for all of us…She gave us jaw dropping moments while attending cabinet meetings with her newborn while most of us feel uncomfortable to attend a zoom meeting with a baby. She forges her own ways to win the heart of the fellow beings while covering the funeral costs for the victims of the country’s terrorist attacks, changing gun laws, and even her mourning wear also symbolized her love and compassion for them.

If we look at other countries and here in Canadian provinces that have best managed this pandemic, one common factor stand out: more often than not, their response seems to include a prominent female leader. They make good leaders, irrespective of the state they’re dealing with. We can observe how the inborn values of a real woman make the difference in a crisis. It’s really about showing the patience for listening, being collaborative, being non-partisan, being informed, multitasking, being compassionate and balancing the work and family life.

However, it is equally important to understand that there are countries with male leaders who is effectively fighting against this virus. That also means it is not about the gender, rather the empathetic and brave approach matters while you handle with a pandemic. Since women are more exposed in handling family/motherhood crisis, during this pandemic they were able to show the same high emotional intelligence and to perform better. I thank the all these wonderful women to make us feel proud 🙂🙏

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Hi everyone,
I have been nominated by Dakshali Guptha dakshali27.wordpress.com for this award .
I thank her for considering me for this award. I feel excited and happy. Do visit her blog on the link above..if you love reading poems you should not miss out.. !


Questions and Answers:-

1) Describe your writing style?

I have read somewhere that the you can access a person from his creations and style of writing ✍️..I always use to write from my experiences and thoughts 💭 and always try to do justice to the same.😊

2) Do you plan your blogs or is it more so have free style?

Usually I do a blog post on every weekends..and I use to pick a topic and sleep 💤 over it for one whole week..💤..I found this helpful to do post more efficiently..😊

3) What is it that you enjoy most about being a blogger?

It’s a special feeling when one of your write up inspiring so many people around the world 🌍..more over, we can improve ourselves by reading all our fellows post and using our time wisely.😊In addition to that when you get a compliment, it helps to boost our self confidence and thereby to stay happy and positive 😃

4) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from someone?

Your happiness should come within you..Don’t expect someone to make you happy 😊 so follow your passion and listen to your inner self..be happy always

5) Do you see yourself blogging in 5 years?

I’m very optimistic that down the line my blog will be standing out with googol’s of viewers daily..lol..😂hmm.. I know that’s every bloggers dream..(thinking what is googol- it’s one followed by 💯 s of zeroes..)no worries together we can make it..

6) What has been the highlight of your year?
I started my blogging journey ..😃

7) What do you miss about last year?

I terribly miss my extended family members..last summer vacation some of them were here with me.😊

8) If you could change one thing what would it be?

I wish I could make this pandemic season disappear.

9) Would you encourage your kids to become bloggers?

Yeah if they wish definitely they can do this..Actually my little girl mimics me writing ✍️ blog with her diary 📔 😂😂..

10) If you could snap your fingers right now and change one think about the world what would that one thing be?

I dream of a world where all of us love and care each other and where all are equally wealthy and healthy..and a place where you could really call it as a “heaven” 😊

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Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s Day 2020

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

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“My dad changed the world “🌎..those words resonate in our mind all these days especially when we are moving closer to Father’s Day 2020…yes ..for every kid their dad is so special..

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

Dad, I wanted to fly like that birdies..ok sweetie..here you go…Up in the air…

Have you ever watched your Dad getting so emotional or literally crying ?? Most of us haven’t. Did they held it back for family and kids??or to protect the social norms that a strong man never cries..?? God knows!!

Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and display paternal love. I have seen my Mom expressing her emotions to the fullest, when it comes to love, laughter or sadness… Whereas, dad was calm as summer’s morning. I haven’t seen him bursting out, even in toughest times. A simple family man, who dedicated whole his life working abroad without any complaints, for his three girls… Yes, that’s paternal love. Its intense and responsive to the needs and desires of their kids. If you ask for the moon, regardless of the feasibility he goes behind fulfilling your dreams…but they aren’t exhibitionist. Most of the times we never recognize our dad’s contributions behind our victories.

Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and display paternal love.

jibon krishna goswami- remains of spring

It’s really interesting to observe the transition of superhero dad to super bossy Dad …As of now, I am on the observer side and now I know how hard is for a dad to pretend to be a Hitler for their kids…!! From certain point of our life, we kids feel our dad as so bossy or strict. That’s because, dads tent to enforce harsher responses to our poor behaviors. Beyond doubt, now I can say that no father in this world wanted to treat his beloved kid in such a harsh way.. This annoying factor arises from his own consciousness. His focus is only at the future results unlike all mommies including me. And the saddest truth is that only once we start missing him, we realize the value of his eternal unconditional love. Well, let me add a word to all the mommies reading me- I feel like, Its our responsibility to make our kiddos understand that, dad is being bossy because of his love and care towards them.

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

Most of the times, fathers are more likely to fix the problems or find the solutions and move on. They don’t give space for emotions and feelings. Because they know, one day in the future their kids will recognize his love and care for them.

So wake up guys, its time to celebrate unheralded fatherhood. Well, I know what you are thinking about..how to celebrate fathers day amid this pandemic lock-down season..No worries.. remember how we celebrated mothers day in one of the previous post..if you haven’t read it here is the link..


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Happy Fathers day in advance…!! And if you like this post don’t forget to follow and share…🤗

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19

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Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19

To feel better and to stay positive amid this traumatizing pandemic season, we need to focus on the positive side of the coin. In my opinion, that is the only solution to prepare ourselves for the so called “New Normal”. Let’s have a look at what a disease can teach us.

1.Great lesson on unity and equality: Under the nose of this tiny little creature, we all are equal irrespective of our race, faith, wealth or social status. Well, I can’t justify that statement to the fullest because its affecting our older community so badly.

These days we humans are fighting against the virus as a team…irrespective of the political, territory or country boarders. U-N-I-T-Y..of minds..what seems impossible is achieved by a virus?? Whoa..that’s really a rewarding achievement right??

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

2.We accepted the fact that its wise to trade our individual freedom for a good cause: All these lock-down days while we where practicing social distancing, we realized the fact that most of us can work, learn, earn or worship from our own home.Most importantly, we were willing to trade our personnel freedom of roaming around for the greater good of the public. Even at these times a mindless minorities claim that it’s a breach of their individual freedom.Well,exceptions could be ignored.

3.We all are capable of multitasking: Since we didn’t have an option of daycare’s or preschools kids became an integral part of our work life. Well, initially most of us found it a daunting act, gradually it proved that we are capable of simultaneously handling both work life and kids. From my personnel experience I ‘m pretty sure that, our little ones are literally demanding Almighty for more lock-down days. 😉

4.We realized our love and care for our Golden-Ager’s: Hundreds of long-term care and retirement homes across the country are grappling with outbreaks of the novel Corona virus. Multiple cases have led to a string of deaths in these spaces, leaving communities shaken. And many of us are rethinking on keeping them in old age homes or along with us.

I live in a neighborhood were majority of couples are enjoying their retirement life.And I haven’t seen their families visiting them more than twice or thrice in an year.But, nowadays I wonder how these guys get time to buy groceries every week for them..Yes, this pandemic made us realize that, there are so many things that M-O-N-E-Y alone can’t get for us.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

5.Made most of us more creative and productive: Do you remember those days we all spend a lot of time by admiring at film stars and hooking up for hours on Netflix????And now since lock-down made all of us work from home, we realized that we can also be super heroes by exploring possibilities on a virtual world.

I found myself started blogging, exploring my cooking skills, experimental DIY’s… and people around me getting creative in their own ways…!! Some of them turned out to be amazing You-tuber’s, others exploring their passion for cooking, crafting..etc. Yeah, most of us have been fruitful and really taking advantage of these locked down days to find true self . Whereas, rest of them found themselves in an insane world with out social interactions. Its good that if we remember the truth that ‘our happiness lies within us’. Hopefully some necessary motivation works for them.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

6.Every one irrespective of the gender,age,status.. learned the “Art of cooking : As we are getting adjusted to home confinement, our confidence in the kitchen has soared, with many saying that they will carry on with their cooking habits even after the world returns to a new normal.

7. We can survive without these three expensive D’s- Dine-out,Door delivery and Doctor(if necessary!!): The fear of the virus made us to think twice before dining out/ home deliveries…along with that we started to skip the doctors appointment for all the self healing sickness. Most of us started trying home remedies. Well, again back to nature.

8.Importance of cleanliness and sanitation workers: Sanitation and cleanliness are among the humblest of the civic virtues, and it’s easy to underestimate their significance. This pandemic made us realize the relevance of both.

9.We can celebrate all events in an humble and simple way: This lock down season changed our outlook towards all events from baptism to funeral…some of us found virtual ways to stay connected during these events, while others arranged drive thru’s..Yes ..So, that is it..!! More than throwing an expensive party, staying connected is important..Again salute to the virus!!

10.Nature got its own mechanism to sustain the equilibrium : Throughout the centuries nature has adapted its own ways to rebound against the selfless actions of human race…natural calamities like floods, earthquakes.. all are good examples for that!! Hope you recall the good news on media’s of how nature is self healing..And the flora and fauna flourishing in the tranquil environment.

To conclude, if we think from all aspects of this pandemic, it had helped to bring out the best and worst of humanity…however, lets not focus on the worst..!! I should add the selfless act of humans around the world, to the best-est thing happened in this pandemic…!!Yes.. I am so content to realize that still there is some goodness left among us..😊

Let me know your thoughts on this and don’t forget to share what positive changes these 🔒 down days made in you????or What lessons you relearned??can’t wait to here form you..!!🥰

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