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Who puts an expiry date on Women’s dreams??

This questions haunts me from the day I watched a south Indian movie ‘How Old Are You??’….Is there an expiry date for our dreams??…If “yes” who is the culprit behind the scenes…?? We ourselves or the Society??? Mostly after the marriage, regardless of the gender, our dreams just stay as dreams in the dumpiest dustyContinue reading “Who puts an expiry date on Women’s dreams??”

Parent habits of raising successful woman

I haven’t met a single parent who don’t want their kids to be successful in their life. And as we all know, to date there is no fail proof document available for doing the same. However, when I read Millionaire women next door by Dr.Thomas J.Stanley I got some interesting insights on what habits ofContinue reading “Parent habits of raising successful woman”

Are women better leaders while fighting against a pandemic??

According to me leadership is about understanding the fundamental purpose of power and embracing its true value ie, social welfare. Through media you will be familiar with these female leaders of Taiwan(Tsai Ing-wen), Finland(Sanna Mirella Marin), Germany(Angela Merkel), Iceland(Katrin Jakobsdottir), New Zealand(Jacinda Ardern), Norway(Erna Solberg)and Kerala(K.K.Shailaja). Let us take a moment to appreciate these ladiesContinue reading “Are women better leaders while fighting against a pandemic??”


Hi everyone,I have been nominated by Dakshali Guptha for this award .I thank her for considering me for this award. I feel excited and happy. Do visit her blog on the link above..if you love reading poems you should not miss out.. ! 🙃RULES FOR THIS Award 🥇 Questions and Answers:- 1) Describe yourContinue reading “VINCENT EHINDRO BLOGGER AWARD”

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s Day 2020

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day. — Read on “My dad changed the world “🌎..those words resonate in our mind all these days especially when we are moving closer to Father’s Day 2020…yes ..for every kid their dad is so special..

Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.

Have you ever watched your Dad getting so emotional or literally crying ?? Most of us haven’t. Did they held it back for family and kids??or to protect the social norms that a strong man never cries..?? God knows!! Its a dazzle of pain, to live a life without being able to express and displayContinue reading “Unheralded paternal love- let’s celebrate Father’s day.”

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19

Life lessons we are relearning amidst Covid-19 — Read on